Charlie Hunnam’s ‘Shantaram’ finally gets a Premiere date – check details

Apple TV+ promulgates the launch of a brand new series “Shantaram” on 14th October featuring Charlie Hunnam.

Apple TV+ is on its way to amuse it’s audience with an upcoming drama thriller television series “Shantaram” authored by Eric Warren Singer and Steve Lightfoot. It will be premiering on this year, 14th of October as informed by Apple on 15th August, 2022.

The series comprises twelve episodes in total amongst which the first three episodes are going to be released on 14th October. Following that the next releases will be on every coming Friday till the 16th of December.


The audience is expected to be strikingly amused as did the story previously after the publishing of the novel Shantaram. Yes, the story is not a current one. It’s based on the novel by Gregory David Robert the author of ‘The Mountain Shadow’.

Shantaram is an autobiographical novel for it encompasses Robert’s own life. The narrative revolves around a journey of a bank robber from Australia who escapes to India and eventually voyages through the turbulent waves of his life. Similarly, the show reveals about a character named Lin, a prisoner, who however manages to escape from an Australian prison and reaches Bombay, India. Lin’s journey takes him through the dark ambiguous society of criminals, security forces, mafias and preposterous; Thus portrays the tumultuous life in Bombay in that contemporary time.

Charlie Hunnam who had previously been famous with his top notch performances in “Sons of Anarchy” and “Pacific Rim” is getting featured in the series as the protagonist character Lin.

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