Cannes 2024: Rapper King makes his debut appearance; Gets trolled for using fake accent – WATCH

King has sang successful songs such as ‘Maan Meri Jaan’, ‘Tu Aake Dekhle’, ‘Oops’, and the new track ‘Bumpa’, which features global pop sensation Jason Derulo.

King, a singer-songwriter and rapper, debuted at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, walking the red carpet along the French Riviera. He chose Anamika Khanna’s floral-designed Brownish-black Blazer paired with Louis Vuitton shoes.

‘Brut Media’, Cannes 2024’s official media partner, posted a video of a brief conversation with the rapper on Instagram.


Take a look:


During the chat, the rapper claimed that he was here to represent Indie music. Everything said and done, the accent did not go well with the netizens. Fans believed King faked his accent, which was not needed.

One user wrote, “The accent changed like the government in 2014.” Another user added, “Dude tried hard to do American accent but failed.” third user went on to say, “2% talk , 98% yeah.” Another person commented, “Renprensenting indie musik roight now .” One user also said, “Bro eat English breakfast with chapati.”

Some netizens also expressed their support for the rapper, stating that it is a large platform and that having a first appearance at the Cannes Film Festival is a huge thing.

One user commented, “Ek insaan ko bahut mehnat lagti hai zero se yaha tak aane mein, emotions hona laazmi hain, hazaron log shayad behtar bol lenge, par kya yaha tak pohoch paenge? At the end, what people will remember is that arpan reached cannes! Believe in the journey.”

Another one added, “Proud of you ,local to global it’s not easy 🙏”

Third user wrote, “West Delhi se seedha Cannes 🔥 proud bhai.”

King also shared his experience over Threads account, a social media app, sharing a message implying that he was nervous and such mistakes happen and further apologising for any wrong doing about the incident. He wrote, “Nervousness to thi bhai… par jisliye gaya tha vo kar aya! Baaki koi galti ho to maafi aur acha laga ho to dil se thank you.”

In the end, we are all immensely proud of what he has accomplished in life.


Meanwhile, on the work front, King’s hit songs include ‘Maan Meri Jaan’, ‘Tu Aake Dekhle’, ‘Oops’, and his most recent single, ‘Bumpa’, which includes global pop sensation Jason Derulo, who revealed that King and he co-wrote the song, mixing genres to ensure the vibe connects with fans worldwide.