5th Episode of Hell’s Paradise and Heavenly Delusion premiers today

Anime lovers have to wait no longer as the 5th episode of Hell’s Paradise and Heavenly Delusion releases today for the international audience. For all the Hell’s Paradise fans, the episode will stream from 9:00 pm on Crunchyroll. The episodes are later also made available by Netflix for a few countries. On the other hand, Heavenly Delusion will release at 6:30 pm on Disney+ and US residents can enjoy it on Hulu.


Hell’s Paradise is a psychological thriller anime that has captivated many people with its fascinating plot and tragic twists and turns. In the 4th episode, Gabimaru and Sagiri were attacked by the monsters of the Island. Although, due to Gabimaru’s extraordinary skills they had fought ferociously. Meanwhile, Yuzuriha accepts to work with Gabimaru and decides to disclose more information regarding their task. As the season proceeds, we will get to explore more adventures that lie ahead of the Ninja, Gabimaru.

On the other hand, Heavenly Delusion’s 4th episode leads Maru and Kiruko on a fatal sea incident that pushes them to their energy while Tokio came across strange happenings in her vicinity. The episode ends sadly with Tarao passing away and advising Tokio to flee from the land. The upcoming episodes will embark on major impossibilities for Tokio and undertake drastic character development.


Both the animes made their first appearance this year in the starting week of April and have been continuing to amaze the viewers with their wholesome narratives.