Yellowjackets season 3: Creators tease a nostalgic touch for the upcoming season

Yellowjackets co-creator and writer Ashley Lyle gives significant update on what the audience can expect from season 3. The previous season ended with a pivotal turning point in the story when the cabin is burned to ground, taking away the one source of shelter and safety the girls have had while surviving in the wilderness. While several of the girls are confirmed to survive due to their appearances in the future timeline, not having cabin will surely make the road to survival more challenging.

In a conversation with The Wrap, Ashley teased that despite losing the cabin, the Yellowjackets season 3 will feature the girls thriving in the past timeline. “I will say we see season 3 as a little bit of a return to season 1 in terms of the vibe, though. All I will say is that the girls have been out there for a while, and they’re thriving,” stated Ashley.


The creator held back while commenting on it as she mentioned that they are currently in the middle of writing the upcoming season, and do not wish to give much away.