Yellowjackets Season 2: The 6 must-know facts that you can not miss!

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Yellowjackets season 1 finale.


There are two timeframes in “Yellowjackets.” The eponymous Yellowjackets, a girl’s soccer team, a battle to live in 1996 after their plane crashes in a wilderness area en route to a tournament. Some of those folks still struggle to deal with the trauma from their past, particularly what they did to survive during the one-and-a-half years time period when they were abandoned.

While the second season of the show is currently under production, here are 6 things you need to know before starting the show!

Is Jackie Really Dead?

Some viewers are confident they could see more of Jackie in the future despite the fact that the character was killed off after a debut season full of surprises. After the conclusion in January 2022, Lynskey dismissed the rumour.

“As far as I know [she’s dead],” the actress told The New York Times. “I don’t see how she comes back from [freezing to death]. And I think Ella’s contract was always just a year.”

What Is the Cult Doing?

Season 2’s narrative has a lot of potentials now that it is known that Lottie is still alive and has been leading a cult in the forest since 1996.

“We are very much interested in exploring the theme and concept of belief and what that means for us in terms of our worldview — the way that we interact with the world around us, the way that we interact with other people, and forge those relationships,” Lyle hinted of the cult’s future during a January 2022 interview with EW. “That is absolutely something that we will be investigating by means of this growing belief that has started to emerge amongst the girls in the wilderness and what that might mean in the present day.”

Yellowjackets Season 2 Everything to Know After Season 1 Ends With Major Twists

Who Will Be Playing Adult Van?

Lauren Ambrose was cast in August 2022 to play Vanessa “Van” Palmer as an elderly woman. After portraying the role as a younger version in season 1, Liv Hewson was promoted to series regular.

Who Is Elijah Wood Playing on ‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2?

Elijah Wood Joins Yellowjackets Season 2 Season Long Arc

Elijah Wood was hired by Showtime in August 2022 to play a citizen detective “who will confront Misty in ways she won’t see coming.” After working together on The Ice Storm in 1997, the pair are reuniting in this movie.

When Will Season 2 Premiere?

The release of new episodes may be closer than fans anticipate. Gary Levine, an executive at Showtime, stated to Variety in January 2022 that the network believed season 2 would be finished by the end of the year. “I think our audiences deserve that, and I also think that when you have a show that has this kind of momentum, you don’t want to let it dissolve.”

“We are still figuring out exactly when we start filming, but we’re looking to get going as quickly as we can,” Lyle told Entertainment Tonight at the Critics Choice Awards in March 2022. “And yes, we will. The cliffhangers will be a big part of it. We don’t want to leave anyone hanging for too long.”