Will there be an Arcane spin-off? Here’s what Netflix has to say

Although Arcane, Netflix’s acclaimed series based on League of Legends, is coming to a close after its upcoming second season, fans need not despair. Here’s a comprehensive look at what’s in store for the Arcane franchise:

Arcane set itself apart from its source material with a captivating storyline, compelling characters, and breathtaking action scenes, instantly winning over a global audience upon its November 2021 release.


Will there be an Arcane spin-off?

It was initially surprising for fans to learn that the second season of Arcane, slated for release in November 2024, would also be its final installment. This decision left many wondering about the series’ future, given its immense popularity and critical acclaim.

However, fans’ dismay was somewhat alleviated when it was revealed that while Arcane’s storyline would conclude in its second season, the franchise itself would continue to expand. Christian Linke, co-creator of Arcane, assured viewers in a recent video announcement that there are more series planned within the Arcane universe.

Linke emphasized that Arcane was always envisioned with a definitive conclusion in mind, which will be realized in season 2. Moving forward, the franchise will shift its focus to new characters within the League of Legends universe. Much like how Jinx and Vi were prominently featured in Arcane, other beloved champions from the game will receive similar in-depth exploration in upcoming spin-off series.

The creative team, in collaboration with Fortiche, an animation studio based in Paris, is already working on these new projects across television and film formats. Linke expressed optimism about sharing more details later this year, although specifics are still under wraps as the projects are in early development stages.

As fans eagerly await Arcane’s second season to continue the story from where season 1 left off, they can also look forward to a broader expansion of the franchise’s rich storytelling universe in the coming years.

In conclusion, while Arcane may be concluding its main storyline with its second season, its legacy will live on through a diverse array of new characters and narratives, ensuring that the vibrant world of League of Legends continues to captivate audiences in fresh and exciting ways.