Who is Miss World 2024 winner Krystyna Pyszkova? Everything you need to know

Krystyna Pyszkova from the Czech Republic has been crowned Miss World 2024.

Krystyna Pyszkova, a Czech citizen, was crowned Miss World 2024 at the Mumbai-based Jio Conventional Centre. After a 28-year absence, the 71st Miss World pageant returned to India, with participants showcasing their talent and beauty from 115 different nations. At the conclusion, Polish Karolina Bielawska, a previous Miss World, gave Krystyna Pyszkova the crown.

It is said that Krystyna Pyszkova is 180 cm tall and speaks German, English, Polish, and Slovak. Krystyna became the second Miss World from the Czech Republic, following Tatana Kucharova, who took home the title in 2006.

Krystyna, the twenty-four-year-old model who is competing for Miss World 2024, is a law and business administration student. Her homeland, the Czech Republic, is proud of her. Notably, the young achiever is the director of a foundation that funds educational initiatives for kids, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. The Krystyna Pyszkova Foundation was established by her for charitable purposes.

She previously opened an English-medium school in Tanzania and supported children’s educational goals. It was unquestionably one of her greatest accomplishments because she volunteered there in addition to introducing impoverished kids to education.

In addition to contributing to society in whatever way she can—through caregiving, education, and charity, for example—Krystyna enjoys the arts. Her enthusiasm for music and painting has changed over the course of her nearly ten years at the Painting Academy. She enjoys playing the violin and transverse flute.