When does ‘Survivor 47’ premiere?

With Survivor 46 wrapped up, fans are eagerly anticipating the next season. So, when will Survivor 47 hit our screens?

Season 46 concluded with Kenzie Petty being crowned the Sole Survivor and pocketing the coveted $1 million prize on May 22. Before the season finale ended, a trailer for Survivor 47 was unveiled, showcasing a new batch of hopeful castaways ready to embark on the adventure. However, as is tradition, the trailer didn’t include a release date. Fans can expect the Survivor 47 premiere in fall 2024, likely in September, after a Survivor-less summer.

Although specific details about Survivor 47 are scarce, the essentials remain unchanged. Jeff Probst continues his role as host and executive producer, and the season was filmed in the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji. Following the format of the new-era seasons, the game will span 26 days, and the season will likely air into December.

The new season introduces fresh faces to the competition. One notable addition is comedian Jon Lovett, who humorously admits his lack of outdoor skills in the trailer: “I have no outdoor skills. What am I doing here? I went camping as a cub scout. I threw up and went home.”

In the coming months, we’ll learn more about the new cast members and the tribes they’ll represent. If you missed the trailer, you can check it out below via the embedded YouTube player.


Jeff Probst and the Survivor Crew Are Already Planning Season 50

Interestingly, we already have some insight into Survivor 50, thanks to host and executive producer Jeff Probst. He confirmed that the milestone season will feature a roster of former castaways.

In May, Probst revealed to Entertainment Weekly that they are moving forward with early planning for Survivor 50, featuring returning players. “I have not heard from CBS if they’re okay with that, but that’s what we’re doing — returning players,” he said.

“A lot of fans have already been suggesting ideas,” Probst continued. “So, I’m writing all of those down, and there are some really good ones in there. Who are the players? All of us that have a decision in this really just started with a blank sheet of paper the very next day, and we’re all just writing down names.”

With three more seasons to go before Survivor 50, we might see some fan favorites from these upcoming seasons in the milestone iteration. If CBS sticks to its typical schedule, Survivor 50 will premiere in the winter of 2025,