What is the highest-grossing Slasher movie of all time?

In a ghastly realm brimming with chainsaws, finger-knives, and infamous masks, one psycho killer slashes above the rest at the box office. Slasher enthusiasts might think it’s one of the timeless classics—and they wouldn’t be entirely wrong—but perhaps not in the way you’d expect. The crown for the highest-grossing slasher movie goes to none other than **Halloween**, specifically the 2018 version helmed by David Gordon Green.

Yes, you heard that right. Despite the classics being showered with endless love and nostalgia, this reboot of the Halloween franchise sliced through the competition and captured the hearts (and screams) of fans, old and new. It turns out that Michael Myers, the unyielding embodiment of Halloween terror, still has what it takes to reign supreme in the horror world.


While Jason might lurk in the shadows of Camp Crystal Lake and Freddy haunts the nightmares of Elm Street, it’s Michael Myers who waltzed back into Haddonfield and into the top spot. This surprise twist in slasher royalty proves that sometimes, you just can’t keep a good psycho down.


Is ‘Halloween’ (2018) the highest-grossing Slasher movie of all time?

In a horror world teeming with chainsaws, knife-fingers, and iconic masks, one psycho killer reigns supreme at the box office. Hardcore slasher fans might expect the top spot to belong to a timeless classic, and they’d be half right. The highest-grossing slasher film is indeed a classic—just not the one you’d expect. The crown goes to Halloween, specifically the 2018 version directed by David Gordon Green.

After Rob Zombie’s blood-soaked reboots in 2007 and 2009, the Halloween franchise went silent. Maybe it was the departure from Laurie and Michael’s lore, or perhaps the uptick in violence wasn’t to everyone’s taste. But when news broke that Jamie Lee Curtis would reprise her role as Laurie Strode, the internet and horror community erupted with excitement. Fans were puzzled about how Laurie could return, considering her apparent demise in Halloween: Resurrection. However, Green’s Halloween takes a different path, following only the original 1978 film. Confused? Check out the franchise’s tangled timelines to get it straight.

Set 40 years after Laurie survived Michael Myers’ attack in Haddonfield, Illinois, Halloween (2018) shows Michael locked away in a mental institution. Of course, in true boogeyman fashion, he escapes and heads back to Haddonfield, seeking Laurie. But this time, Laurie is ready for him, Terminator-style. She’s turned her home into a fortified bunker, complete with booby traps and hidden weapons. Her daughter and granddaughter might think she’s paranoid, but they’re soon grateful for her over-the-top preparations when Michael comes knocking.

Halloween (2018) slashed its way to a staggering $259 million at the global box office, making it the highest-grossing slasher of all time. It outperformed Scream (1996) by $86 million. In fact, most of the top-grossing slasher films are from the Scream franchise, with Scream 2, Scream 3, and Scream VI following closely behind. Despite Scream‘s popularity, Halloween proved that fans still have a soft spot for the boogeyman and the ultimate final girl, Laurie Strode. The second highest-grossing film in the Halloween franchise is Halloween Kills with $133 million, while the lowest performer is Halloween 5: Revenge of Michael Myers at $11 million.

Halloween (2018) had a modest $10 million budget, far exceeding the original’s mere $325,000 but cheaper than Rob Zombie’s $15 million version. Given its massive box office haul, it’s no wonder Blumhouse greenlit two sequels: Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. While Green’s timeline has concluded, fans speculate that Michael Myers will rise again. After all, you can’t keep a good boogeyman down!

The success of Halloween is part of a broader horror renaissance. Beloved franchises are returning to the big screen, with Scream finding success and The Exorcist struggling to reclaim its former glory. New entries like Immaculate, The First Omen, and Late Night with the Devil are also making waves. This horror boom renews interest in the slasher sub-genre. After all, who doesn’t love a good jump scare?

Even with all these new entries, classics never go out of style. Why not revisit all 13 movies in the Halloween franchise? Almost all are available on Prime Video. Just be careful not to get so engrossed that you miss the shape lurking by your clothesline…

Halloween (2018) is currently available to rent or buy on Prime Video in the U.S. Happy watching, and keep an eye out for the boogeyman!