What is ‘My Best Day’ 2024 Netflix? Series trend explained

Netflix has had its fair share of successful original projects with “Day” in the title, from Jenna Ortega’s “Yes Day” to the romantic drama “One Day.” Now, with the emergence of a new Snapchat and Instagram filter, users are wondering if “My Best Day” is the streamer’s next hit.

The filter, dubbed “My Best Day Upload Lens” and created by user Yajan on Snapchat, mimics Netflix’s home screen layout. However, instead of showcasing popular shows and movies, the top banner features a loop of your own footage with the text “My Best Day” overlaid on it. Content creator SirJim also shared a similar filter on Instagram, replacing the Netflix lineup with other movie titles.


Despite the filter’s convincing appearance and use of Netflix’s branding, there is no actual show or movie called “My Best Day” associated with the filter. It seems that the name was chosen arbitrarily, perhaps as an encouragement for users to share footage from their own best days.

It’s important to note that Netflix has no involvement with the filter, despite the use of its logo and menu template. While the filter may evoke curiosity about a potential Netflix project, for now, it remains just a fun tool available on Snapchat.