What happened to ‘Good Bones’?

Good Bones may not have become a global phenomenon, but for those in the know, it was one of HGTV’s hidden gems. The show chronicled the adventures of the dynamic mother-daughter duo, Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak, as they transformed and renovated properties in their hometown of Indianapolis. With Karen’s legal expertise and Mina’s real estate savvy, they made the perfect team to turn neglected houses into profitable ventures.

While Good Bones consistently pulled in solid ratings, making it a staple on HGTV for an impressive run, its future has been a bit murky due to reruns causing some confusion. So, is Good Bones set to return for more seasons, or has HGTV pulled the plug?


The End of Good Bones as We Know It

Unfortunately, Good Bones is no longer on the air. The series finale aired on October 17, 2023. The finale revealed that the intense demands of flipping houses and starring on a reality show had taken a toll on the main duo, especially Mina Starsiak. She reached a burnout point and decided to step back from the Two Chicks and a Hammer renovation company.

In an episode of her podcast, Mina AF, Starsiak explained her decision, citing organizational issues and financial stress as major factors. “Y’all, I’m losing it,” she confessed. “I can’t keep doing what we’re doing, in terms of the pace and the finances of it. We need to start making a plan. We’ve been talking about what works for High Noon Entertainment and what works for us for a long time.”

Starsiak also mentioned that these pressures strained her relationship with her mother, Karen E. Laine. She told People Magazine that running a business with a family member while maintaining a positive TV persona was challenging. She even recounted a heated argument with Laine during the production of the season 8 premiere, highlighting the unseen contractor issues and family dynamics.


A Glimmer of Hope for a Good Bones Spinoff

While Good Bones has ended, Mina Starsiak hinted at future projects with HGTV. In October 2023, she posted an Instagram clip assuring fans that her collaboration with the network isn’t over. “While we may not be filming for Good Bones as you have known it, we won’t be strangers to HGTV,” she wrote. “And we already have exciting, fun new things in the works with them!”

One of these potential projects involves Starsiak and her husband, Steve Hawk, renovating a lake house. She discussed this venture in another episode of Mina AF, suggesting it could receive the full HGTV treatment: “The lake house is something Steve and I have been looking at casually for probably three years, and I want something, like — this is my new dream because all my other dreams I’ve given up on and I’m grieving them.”

Given that Starsiak has already ventured into spinoffs with the HGTV special Risky Business, there’s a precedent for more televised specials. Although there’s no official title or release date for the lake house project yet, it’s clear that Starsiak’s HGTV journey isn’t over.

For fans hoping for a Good Bones reunion featuring both Starsiak and Karen E. Laine, it seems unlikely in the near future. Starsiak appears to be moving forward with new projects, possibly solo or with her husband, keeping the spirit of Good Bones alive, but with a fresh twist.