What do Taylor Swift fans have to say about Matty Healy’s engagement?

It seems the brief romance between Matty Healy and Taylor Swift has left a trail of speculation and fan theories in its wake, especially with Healy’s recent engagement announcement and some cryptic social media activity.

Initially, Healy had adamantly stated he would never date Swift, but in May 2023, they surprised fans by getting together, only to split the following month. Fast forward to a year later, and Healy has proposed to his girlfriend Gabbriette Bechtel, with the news officially confirmed by his mother Denise Welch on “Loose Women.”


However, the timing of Healy’s engagement announcement, just before Swift’s Eras Tour in Liverpool, sparked controversy among some Swifties. Some fans believed it was intentional, suggesting Healy was trying to overshadow Swift’s upcoming tour. Tweets and social media posts from fans expressed disappointment and accusations of bitterness.

Adding fuel to the fire, days before publicly announcing his engagement, Healy posted lyrics from Charli XCX’s song “So I” on Instagram, leading to speculation among Swift fans that the post was aimed at Swift herself. Despite the song’s context about losing a friend named Sophia and Bechtel’s appearance in Charli’s “360” music video, fans interpreted it differently.

Further complicating matters, an Instagram user shared a tweet criticizing Swift fans’ behavior as a form of narcissism, which Healy reportedly liked. This action fueled speculation that Healy might indeed be subtly addressing Swift through his social media activities.

Throughout the ordeal, fans on both sides dissected every move and statement, from supposed digs in lyrics to reactions on social media, painting a picture of ongoing tension and speculation between Healy and Swift’s fandoms.

In the end, while some fans believed there were deliberate jabs being made, others maintained a more grounded view, acknowledging that both Healy and Swift have moved on from their past relationship, albeit amidst lingering fan interest and speculation.