WATCH: Will Smith joins J Balvin in surprise ‘Men In Black’ performance at Coachella

Will Smith was spotted carrying the memory eraser device depicted in Men in Black, referring to agents deleting the memories of witnesses to alien encounters.

Will Smith made a startling surprise visit at Coachella on Sunday night, joining J Balvin to perform his legendary hit song Men in Black, throwing the audience into a frenzy of nostalgia and excitement.

Will, dressed in his characteristic eyeglasses and a fashionable black suit evocative of his performance in the 1997 smash hit film, stirred nostalgia for his legendary character, Agent J, opposite Tommy Lee Jones in the science-fiction action comedy.


Will and Balvin delivered an amazing performance, masterfully rapping the catchy melody while flanked by backing dancers costumed as aliens and a larger-than-life alien head prop, enhancing to the event’s extraterrestrial ambiance. The crowd erupted in cheers as the duo brought them back into the renowned realm of Men in Black.

To cap off the show, Smith was seen carrying the memory eraser gadget seen in the film, alluding to the plotline of operatives wiping witnesses’ memories of alien encounters. The scene was an appropriate tribute to the beloved film franchise that has enthralled moviegoers for decades.

The original Men in Black picture, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, was a huge hit, generating USD 250.7 million domestically. Its popularity spawned three sequels: Men in Black II in 2002, Men in Black 3 in 2012, and Men in Black: International in 2019. While the subsequent installment was deemed a stand-alone film based in the same universe, Will and Tommy did not play the primary roles.

Coachella, known for its star-studded concerts and unexpected visitors, delivered again this weekend, with appearances from Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, Shakira, Paris Hilton, and Kesha. Notably, Kesha sparked controversy with her revised lyrics during her TikTok performance, which included a direct message to P. Diddy.

Rumours circulated ahead of Coachella about a possible Taylor Swift attendance; she has worked on music with Lana Del Rey, Jack Antonoff, and Ice Spice, and Swift fans hoped that one of those performers might welcome her onstage.

She didn’t perform, but she did witness rock band Bleachers, fronted by her longtime producer Jack Antonoff, from the backstage corner, as well as Bronx rapper Ice Spice from the VIP section.