Tulsa King ropes back in Terence Winter for upcoming season 2

Just when he thought he was out, they roped him back in.

Terence Winter, the Emmy winning writer is returning to Tulsa King.


The Sopranos veteran is back on board the Paramount+ show after being the showrunner of its 2022 debut season. The series follows a former mobster, played by Sylvester Stallone, who forms a new crime empire in Oklahoma.

Winter and Tulsa King’s creator and executive producer Taylor Sheridan famously conflicted about the creative direction of the series. After he stepped away, the biggest question poised what who will be taking over his gig, considering that Sheridan’s self profession preference for remaining hands-on with his shows. Similarly, Sly has also firm opinions about the writing in his shows – having written and co-written the screenplays for many of his hit films – and he has also claimed some dialogues to be his own creation.

But Tulsa King has now writers team being headed by Terence, however, he won’t be serving as it showrunner.