‘Tower Of God’ chapter 628 release date confirmed

Tower of God has been a gateway into the captivating realm of manhwa for me and countless readers. Since its debut on Naver Webtoon in 2010, the series has continued to enthrall with its mysterious plot, thrilling action scenes, and diverse characters. While many other manhwa in similar genres have emerged over the years, Tower of God remains a standout favorite.

The series unfolds within a vast and enigmatic tower where characters strive against each other to ascend to its summit—a premise that captivates audiences as they follow Bam’s compelling journey. With the storyline spanning an impressive 627 chapters to date, anticipation is high for the upcoming release of chapter 628.



‘Tower Of God’ chapter 628 release date confirmed

For those eager to know, chapter 628 of Tower of God is set to release on June 17, 2024, following the weekly schedule typical of new releases. Fans can access the latest chapters on various webtoon platforms around 10 am ET, although the official English translation on Webtoon may lag a few chapters behind.

Tower of God’s popularity extends beyond the manhwa realm, having inspired an anime adaptation of the same name. Season 1, which aired in 2020, received acclaim for bringing the story to a wider audience. Now, after much anticipation, Season 2 is confirmed to debut on Crunchyroll starting July 7, 2024. While the anime catches up with the manhwa, fans can delve into the series via the Webtoon app or webpage for the manhwa and Crunchyroll for the anime.

With Tower of God continuing to expand its universe across multiple media platforms, the journey promises to be as thrilling as ever for its devoted followers.