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The Wedding Veil Expectations to release in January – Check out the details here

This month marks the debut of a brand-new batch of films in the well-known “Wedding Veil” trilogy.


The Wedding Veil trilogy, starring Lacey Chabert, Autumn Reeser, and Alison Sweeney, premiered on Hallmark Channel last year. Nobody was surprised to see how quickly the trilogy of movies centred around three friends and a vintage wedding veil gained popularity. With three new films this month, Hallmark Channel is now introducing a new chapter in The Wedding Veil series.

The first trilogy portrayed a trio of female characters, Avery, Emma, and Tracy, on their quest to find their true love using an old veil. Where the first trilogy left off, the second trilogy will continue from there itself.

What is The Wedding Veil Expectations about?

Avery (Lacey Chabert) and her husband Peter (Kevin McGarry) are renovating the ancient property they recently bought, which is proving to be a more difficult task than they had imagined. This is the first film of the sequel trilogy. Avery is awaiting the ideal occasion to break some great news to him. Peter is worried as Avery’s mother-in-law Grace (Karen Kruper) contacts an ex-boyfriend. Avery is lucky to have Emma (Autumn Reeser) and Tracy (Alison Sweeney) who offer support from a distance as well as in person, when they decide a video chat will not suffice. Between that, the difficulties of remodelling, and navigating the politics of having a new boss at the museum, Avery is extremely lucky to have both.

How many Wedding Veil Movies are there?

The Wedding Veil series currently has six films. The second trilogy of films will debut on Hallmark Channel in January 2023 after the first trilogy debuted last year.

Cast of The Wedding Veil Expectations

Lacey Chabert, Alison Sweeney, and Autumn Reeser will play Avery Morrison, Tracy Goodwyn, and Emma Lowell, respectively, in the upcoming film The Wedding Veil Expectations. Peter Hastings will also be played by Kevin McGarry, Grace by Karen Kruper, and Mario by Marco Soriano. Clark will be played by Barry W. Levy.

When and where to watch The Wedding Veil Expectations?

The Wedding Veil Expectations, a Peter Benson-directed film, will have its Hallmark Channel debut on January 7 at 8:00 p.m. (EST). The movies are also available on Hallmark Movies Now, the network’s streaming platform.

Is the Movie based on other material?

Yes, the book ‘There Goes the Bride’ by Lori Wilde serves as the source of inspiration for The Wedding Veil Expectations.

The remaining two Wedding Veil movies

The Wedding Veil Unveiled is the sequel to the previous film, Avery, and Peter, and it continues the romance between Emma and Paolo (Paolo Bernardini). The Wedding Veil Legacy, the last instalment of the first trilogy, centres on the relationship between Tracy and Nick (Victor Webster). The following weekends, on January 14 and January 17, (EST), will see the release of the next two films.