The Tourist season 2: What lies ahead for Elliot and Helen as they reach Ireland?

Netflix dropped the trailer for season two of The Tourist, which shows Jamie Dornan as Elliot going to Ireland with girlfriend Helen Chambers, played by Danielle Macdonald, in search of clues to his identity.

Still with severe memory loss post a car crash, a disoriented Elliot goes missing in the Emerald Isle after landing in the middle of a long running family feud involving the McDonnell and Cassidy families to rediscover his roots and dangers from his past life.


In the trailer, Elliot can be heard asking, “What is it that I’ve done that makes me the enemy?”

What to expect in The Tourist season 2?

In the upcoming season, Jamie’s character is yet to recall his name, his profession or why he crashed a car to be left as an amnesiac in the first place. This puts him on a mission to confront his friends and foes from his past in Dublin. Meanwhile, Helen is left to pickup pieces of an even larger puzzle.

When will The Tourist season 2 release?

The six episodes of season two will be premiering on Netflix on February 29.