The Roses: Olivia Colman and Benedict Cumberbatch to star together in ‘The War of the Roses’ remake

Olivia Colman and Benedict Cumberbatch are in for a nasty divorce.

The two British stars have come together to star in The Roses, a reimagination by searchlight of 1989’s dark comedy The War of the Roses, which starred Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.


Jay Roach, the comedy director who segued into drama with movies such as Recount and Bombshell, is helming the feature that is currently in development at studio arm. The script has been written by Tony McNamara, who was recently nominated for Oscar for penning Academy Award winning film Poor Things, which is based on the novel published by Warren Adler in 1981.

The original movie, which was released by  20th Century Fox and helmed by Danny DeVito, told the story of a married couple – Oliver and Barbara Rose – who seems to be living quite a perfect life in their perfectly old mansion. Their life turns upside down when the wife realizes that she no longer loves her husband, and in fact bitterly dislikes him. It led to divorce proceedings that start as vicious and going further, it only escalates, as it involves humiliation, sabotage, and violence from both the parties.

Benedict and Olivia have been roped in to portray the couple.