The Old Guard trailer review: The visuals are impressively similar to the comic! Raises expectations hugely!

An action-packed movie straight out from the comics, The Old Guard trailer is almost a fulfilment of the old aficionados’ dreams for that matter.

“Old soldiers never die…and some of them don’t even fade away. Cursed with immortality, Andromache of Scythia and her comrades-in-arms ply their trade for those who can find—and afford—their services.”
The readers of The Old Guard may feel nostalgic while reading the above line, we did too, when we saw the trailer. It’s a dream of many to see their favourite comic turned into a movie, and especially if it is full of action and adventure, you just can’t miss it.

The trailer makes us believe that the film will adhere to the comic strictly, and it does away with the clouds of the doubt when we see, the writer of the comic series and the writer of the movie is the same, Greg Rucka.
Most of the trailer seems to be directly inspired by the comic, just like this still from the trailer which looks like the cover of the first book of comic, ‘The Old Guard.’

Backlit silhouettes and guns are cool, but the broad swords and battle axes strapped to their person are even cooler. Andy has been holding her axe from ages and its kind of cool especially because of her character, in fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state, it looks cooler than the comic book.

If you have seen John Wick- chapter 3, you will directly be able to connect the below still from the trailer to the movie. A warrior full of rage and emotions going through an endless desert, it is so metaphorical.

The trailer ends with Andy and Nile shooting with the Easter egg. For a second, a sign on door “Danger of death” is shown in the ending frames.

All in all, we can say that the movie is a must-watch for all the action movie fans out there and it’d be the icing on the cake if you are an avid reader of The Old Guard.

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