The Morning Show season 4 to deal with deepfakes: reveals showrunner Charlotte Stoudt

If the remarks by The Morning Show’s showrunner, Charlotte Stoudt, is to be believed, the show is about to get into the “fake news” business. While speaking to Deadline at a panel for their Contenders’ Series, she revealed the plans of the upcoming fourth season the series, following the high stakes acquisition and subterfuge storyline the characters dealt with last year. Now, we’ll be looking over our shoulders with trust becoming a scare commodity, and the truth will be even harder to find than good floor space in Manhattan apartment.

How did The Morning Show season 3 end?


The season three of Apple TV+’s hit series showed UBA anchors Alex Levy, played by Jennifer Aniston, and Bradley Jackson, played by Reese Witherspoon, teaming up to thwart a devious move by Paul Marks, played by Jon Hamm, a sneaky and charming tech billionaire.

While romancing Alex, Paul was busy hiding the flaws in his rocket program from the public and plotting to dismantle UBA. Meanwhile, Bradley was fighting her own demons as she had illegally deleted the footage of her brother fighting a police official during insurrection at the Capitol.

After having a fierce showdown with her on-again-off-again girlfriend Laura, played by Julianna Margulies, and clearing her boss Cory, played by Billy Crudup, of false harassment charges, Bradley decides to come clean and submits an investigation.

Amidst all this, Stella, played by Greta Lee, plays detective to unveil the scandal by Paul, who is publicly denounced by Alex and UBA narrowly escapes disintegration by merging with a rival network.