The Mandalorian Actor gets announced as the new Terminator

Netflix’s animated Terminator: Zero just got a stellar boost with the addition of a fan-favorite from Disney+’s The Mandalorian.

The hype surrounding Terminator: Zero has been simmering for a while now. This anime, helmed by Skydance and the acclaimed Japan animation studio Production I.G, is the brainchild of none other than Mattson Tomlin.


Set against the backdrop of 1997, the very year Skynet decided to crash the internet party, this fresh tale follows the time-traveling escapades of a soldier. His mission? To team up with the ingenious scientist Malcolm Lee. Together, they’re on a mission to birth a new AI rival to Skynet, challenging the dominion of the cybernetic overlord.


Timothy Olyphant joins The Terminator

Timothy Olyphant, famed for his role as Cobb Vanth in The Mandalorian, is now officially part of Netflix’s Terminator: Zero lineup.

During Netflix’s recent “Next on Netflix Animation” press event on June 6, the streaming giant unveiled Olyphant as the voice behind the Terminator in the upcoming series.

While the details remain shrouded in mystery, with Netflix teasing that Zero will introduce fresh faces to the Terminator universe, Olyphant’s involvement sparks curiosity. Will he embody the iconic Terminator from the original 1984 film, or will he breathe life into a brand-new character?

Known for his versatile performances in Justified, Santa Clarita Diet, and Deadwood, Olyphant’s addition adds an extra layer of intrigue to Terminator: Zero, which is scheduled to drop on Judgement Day, August 29, comprising eight episodes. This marks the first Terminator project since 2019’s Terminator Dark Fate.

Fans eager for Olyphant’s portrayal can anticipate a blend of his signature charisma and intensity. But beyond his casting, the series promises to explore uncharted territory within the Terminator lore. By delving into the creation of a rival AI system to Skynet, Zero offers a fresh angle that could inject new life into the franchise.

As speculation swirls about the series’ potential impact on the Terminator saga as a whole, it’s clear that Olyphant’s involvement is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter. While live-action discussions with James Cameron hint at future possibilities, Terminator: Zero sets the stage for a bold reimagining of the beloved sci-fi universe.

With Olyphant leading the charge, fans can brace themselves for an exhilarating journey when Terminator: Zero arrives in 2024.