The Ghosts: The upcoming season 4 to wrap up production by February 2025

Ghosts, the hit comedy series by CBS, is gearing up for its fourth installment, and the production is slated to being in mid-July. The exciting news comes on the heels of a stunning event hosted at the Library of Congress, which was attended by some of the star cast of the show – Danielle Pinnock, Richie Moriarty, and Roman Zaragoza.

During his conversation with Collider’s Maggie Lovitt, Richie at the roundtable interview spilled the beans over the upcoming season’s production timeline. He revealed that the production will go on floors in mid of July this year, and will go on till February next year. However, he asserted that they do not have the schedule yet, but they are fixated on mid July being their target.


The Library of Congress did not only serve as a fascinating backdrop for the updates about the production but also as an incredible nod to the show’s exploration of history through its ghostly characters.

The exhibition also included early maps of Dutch settlements in New York, an account of first contact between the Lenape and European explorers, among other artifacts. Each of the piece displayed had a contribution towards creating a deeper connection with the show’s ghostly characters.