The Bachelor: Kelsey Anderson reveals what promoted her and Daisy Kent to ride together in finale

Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson made history at the season 28 finale of The Bachelor, Entertainment Tonight’s Denny Directo spoke with Kelsey about how she and Daisy made the decision to ride to Joey Graziadei’s final rose ceremony together.

The history-making episode started with Daisy realising that she won’t be the final choice for Joey so she reaches out to Kelsey in her room to talk things out with her.


In a conversation with ET, Kelsey shared that Daisy was the last person she expected to knock on her door. And she saw her in her emotional state, she got emotional as well.

After their “sweet conversation,” the cameras flashed to the two ladies in the car together, a decision that was made by Kelsey and Daisy together.

Kelsey explained, “I think we were both just really emotional in that moment and we wanted each other’s support through that drive there.”

She added that while the video only showed them gazing out of the window, in reality they talked a lot throughout the way.

Joey only learned about the women’s decision after he popped the question to Kelsey.