Taylor Swift unintentionally swallows a bug during her gig in Chicago – Watch

From the stage, Swift groaned, “I just swallowed a bug,” covering her face and turning away from the audience.

After unintentionally swallowing a bug while performing on stage in Chicago, singer Taylor Swift was forced to take a quick break.

During her Evermore set, during which she was going to lead in to “Tolerate It,” Swift groaned from the stage while turning away from the audience and covering her face, and said, “I just swallowed a bug” according to Billboard.


She made an unconvincing attempt to brush it off by declaring that she would “be fine.” She shook her head, trying to spit the bug out, “It’s just so stupid,” she remarked.

“Delicious. Oh, god. Is there any chance none of you saw that? It’s fine….I’m just gonna try not to do as many of those. This is gonna happen again tonight. There’s so many bugs. There’s one thousand of them,” she jokingly said.

Watch the video below:


Swift also experienced a minor technical problem during the performance when her microphone abruptly stopped working. After some failed troubleshooting attempts, a replacement mic was given to her on stage.

The “bug” incident generated reactions from internet users after going popular on social media.

A social media user joked, “Taylor Swift normalises eating bugs.” Another said, “Poor Taylor.”

Swift’s apparent breakup with Matty Healy has also lately made news. According to People, the lead vocalist of The 1975 and the songwriter of “Karma” have parted ways.

“She had fun with him, but it was always casual. They are no longer romantically involved,” a source told the publication. Healy, 34, and Swift, 33, were frequently seen together in public and had been linked since early May.