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‘Stranger Things’ actor Noah Schnapp comes out as Gay – WATCH VIDEO

In a TikTok video, Noah Schnapp revealed as gay. On the Netflix series Stranger Things, the actor who portrays the secretly gay teenager Will Byers claimed to have more in common with the role than he initially believed.


The Schnapp mouths along to the line, “You know what it never was? That serious,” in an eight-second video that was posted on January 5 on TikTok.  “When I eventually told my friends and family, I was gay after being scared and in the closet for 18 years, all they said was “we know,” according to text accompanying the video.

Noah revealed in July of last year that his Stranger Things character Will is gay. As he got older, they made it seem extremely genuine and evident, he said in an interview with Variety. It is now evident that he is gay and that he does adore Mike. Earlier though, it had a slower arc. Will’s sexual orientation had been unclear to Noah before the confirmation. He did, however, state to Variety in the same interview that it appeared from the start that Noah was gay. They have intentional it over the previous few seasons. They made that hints and gently, gradually developed that story even in season 1.

Instagram followers responded to the post about Noah’s most recent TikTok by saying it was nice to see him receiving the support he deserves, but they were previously aware of his sexuality. One wrote, “Noah was someone we all knew. But I’m so proud of him for speaking up!” We knew, but we didn’t care; he’s a good actor, someone else wrote.  Another exclaimed, “Welcome to the crew!” Another remark said, “Even though I don’t even watch the show, we literally all knew. I’m so glad he did it!.” Some users joked that he is taking the method of acting to a whole new level. Even Netflix responded with heart emojis in the comments and kept the tag “love u Noah Schnapp” in their bio on their official Instagram account.