Stranger Thing season 5: Finn Wolfhard reveals the cast is unaware of its ending

It has been confirmed by Finn Wolfhard that the cast of Stranger Things season 5 are not aware of the ending of the season. The actor, who is portraying Mike Wheeler on the hit show, has been a part of the show since season 1. While the season 5 of Stranger Things will bring an end to the series, but work on spinoff and animated projects will expand the universe further.

In an interview with Access Online, Finn spilled the beans over the current situation of the production of Stranger Things season 5. Despite filming having occurred for several weeks since work began in January, Wolfhard has revealed that he and the rest of the cast had yet to read the final episode’s script, while he has expressed his hope of having a definite end for each character similar to The Lord Of The Rings: The Return of The King.


Currently, it has been revealed that the star cast of the season 5 of Stranger Things have began the filming process in January.

The creators, Duffer Brothers are going on to extreme length to keep the conclusion of the series a mystery.