Strange things about Joy Behar’s marriage to Steve Janowitz

Joy Behar’s marriage to Steve Janowitz is a story filled with quirks and unexpected turns, reflecting a relationship that has defied convention and embraced uniqueness over decades.

One of the standout aspects of their union is the significant age gap, with Joy Behar being seven years older than Steve Janowitz. Despite this, Behar humorously points out the practical benefits of having a younger husband, such as his ability to handle nighttime driving and heavy lifting as they navigate their golden years together. She even quips about their potential synchronized departure from this world, citing statistics that suggest women often outlive their male partners.


Their journey to marriage was marked by a mix of practicality and personal growth. For years, Behar remained single after meeting Janowitz in 1982, citing a desire to enjoy her independence following a divorce. It wasn’t until 2002 that they decided to move in together, marking two decades of being happily single for Behar. The decision to marry in 2011 was driven not just by love, but by a sobering realization about the importance of having a spouse to make critical medical decisions in times of need.

The timing of their marriage, however, was not without its twists. Originally planning to wed in 2009, Behar called off their engagement, citing cold feet and career commitments. This decision highlighted her preference for autonomy and reluctance to feel confined by traditional marital expectations. Despite the delay, their eventual wedding in 2011 was celebrated among friends and family, affirming their commitment in a way that was both practical and deeply personal.

Their relationship dynamic has also been shaped by their individual personalities and interests. Behar, known for her busy schedule and vibrant career, humorously credits her absence from home for fostering marital bliss. Their shared activities, from playing Scrabble to role-playing as Ronald and Nancy Reagan, reflect a partnership grounded in mutual respect and a healthy dose of humor.

Moreover, their initial meeting at a nudist colony, where Janowitz was unabashedly nude while Behar maintained her modesty, adds a playful dimension to their unconventional love story. Despite their differences, they found common ground and built a relationship that has stood the test of time, enriched by shared experiences and a genuine appreciation for each other’s quirks.

Joy Behar’s marriage to Steve Janowitz is a testament to love that defies expectations, blending practicality with romance, and celebrating the joys of companionship while honoring individuality. Their journey together continues to inspire, offering a refreshing perspective on what it means to find happiness and fulfillment in unconventional ways.