‘Spencer’ movie trailer out, fans believe Kristen Stewart will dominate the award season

One of the most anticipated movies this season, ‘Spencer’ starring Kristen Stewart just dropped its trailer and fans predict that Kristen is here to bag all awards.

The much-anticipated trailer of the movie ‘Spencer’ starring Kristen Stewart has dropped on the internet. People cannot stop gushing over the actor, the talent and the portrayal of Princess Diana.

The movie focuses on the royal pressure and Diana’s decision to flee and take back control over her life in the 1990s. The movie displays three days at Queen Elizabeth II’s Sandringham Estate when the beloved royalty made her decision to end her marriage with Prince Charles.


The trailer begins with Princess Diana arriving at the Sandringham Estate. The trailer amazingly displays the battle of emotions that Diana must’ve felt in that moment. Shots of her standing in the mirror and telling herself, “Three days, that’s it,” and in another shot where she is advised to “Stand very still and smile a lot,” illustrates the powerlessness that the beloved must’ve felt. Elaborating on that, there are cuts of her dancing in her wedding dress and ripping off her pearls. The trailer ends in a powerful conclusion “Will they kill me, do you think?”

‘Spencer’ had its world premiere in competition at the 78th Venice International Film Festival on 3 September 2021. Stewart talked to some journalists explaining how it was to do the role.

“She was the most famous woman in the world, she was the most photographed woman in the whole world,” says Kristen. Furthermore, she says, “I have tasted a high level of that, but kind of nowhere near that monumental, symbolic representation of an entire group of people, an entire country — and the world,” and “I can relate but I don’t think anyone can understand what that felt like.”

The early reviews for the movie have been enthusiastic and fantastic with Variety trade magazine calling it “magnificent” and ScreenDaily calling Stewart’s performance “brittle, tender, sometimes playful and not a little uncanny.”

The much-awaited Pablo Larraín movie “Spencer” from the Neon and Topic studios, will be released in theatres on November 5, 2021.

Take a look at the trailer:

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