Source makes heart-wrenching claim on WWE star Mick Foley’s marriage

Former WWE star Mick Foley’s marriage to his wife Colette Foley, which began in 1992, reportedly hit a rough patch recently, signaling a significant change after more than three decades together. Their relationship, which started with what Mick described as “love at first sight,” gradually faced challenges over the years, exacerbated by Mick’s demanding career in the WWE and other factors.

Mick Foley, known for his iconic persona in the wrestling world, revealed glimpses of their marital dynamics in various interviews and podcasts. Despite Mick’s fame and success in the WWE, Colette often treated him like an ordinary husband, emphasizing domestic responsibilities over his wrestling triumphs. Mick humorously recounted instances where he returned home from thrilling matches only to be assigned household chores by Colette, highlighting the down-to-earth nature of their domestic life.


However, tensions between Colette Foley and the WWE, particularly with WWE chairman Vince McMahon, added strain to their marriage. Colette’s candid interview with Mick about the physical toll of wrestling led to a fallout with McMahon, who publicly criticized their remarks. This strained relationship with the WWE persisted, affecting Colette’s comfort within the wrestling world and culminating in her absence from significant WWE events.

Their joint appearances on reality television, such as “Celebrity Wife Swap” and their family-focused series “Holy Foley,” offered fans a glimpse into their lives beyond the wrestling ring. These shows showcased Mick, Colette, and their children, with a particular focus on daughter Noelle Foley’s aspirations in WWE.

Despite their public appearances together, including occasional social media posts from Colette, rumors of marital discord surfaced, further fueled by reports from acquaintances and Mick’s own discussions about their relationship on podcasts. The couple’s journey, marked by ups and downs both in and out of the spotlight, underscores the complexities of maintaining a long-term relationship amid fame and personal challenges.

As fans reflect on Mick Foley’s storied career and personal life, his marriage to Colette remains a poignant chapter that illustrates the highs and lows of love, fame, and family in the public eye.