Singer Miguel hangs in the air from his back piercings; fans react  - WATCH | Business Upturn

Singer Miguel hangs in the air from his back piercings; fans react  – WATCH

Miguel pulled out an incredible stunt to promote his forthcoming album, Viscera.

The 37-year-old musician punctured the skin on his back to allow hooks to suspend him in the air. On Friday, August 25, Miguel held a special four-song event at Sony Studios in Los Angeles to preview his next album. Before beginning “Rope,” two assistants came out to insert metal rods into piercings in Miguel’s back and lift him with wires.


The lyrics to the new song include, “I’m hanging on to nothing / I’m hanging from the ceiling / Rope around my neck.”

Miguel’s gig on Friday, which was also live-streamed, was billed as a “boundary-pushing performance” for the artist, who hasn’t produced a full-length album since 2017. He worked with professionals for several months to prepare for the big stunt, according to a report by TMZ.

Miguel discussed suspension with The Los Angeles Times in an earlier this month piece, explaining that he views it as a test of trust.

“Initially it was a bit of, ‘What is the most extreme way to push outside of what’s expected?'” Miguel told the outlet. “How far can I go in demonstrating how far I’m willing to go for art, for conversation? I couldn’t have known how committed I was to the real purpose of this s**t until I had hooks in my back.”

He remarked that the weight of his body draped was as great as his struggle with dread and control. “It was a scary and freeing experience and emotion to go through because it’s such a light switch,” he explained. “It has so much to do with pain.” “What does pain mean?”

Miguel said to The Los Angeles Times that he created “Rope” when despondent before marrying Nazanin Mandi in 2018. After marrying in November 2018, the former couple announced their separation in September 2021. The couple had been dating for nearly 14 years before exchanging vows. Mandi and the singer first met when they were both 18 years old. They dated until 2016, when they got engaged.

The couple declared their reconciliation in February 2022, four months after they first split up, but Mandi filed for divorce in October 2022.


Fans on X, formerly known as Twitter, lit up the social media platform with their reactions to the “insane” stunt.