Sharon Stone finally reveals the name of producer to asked her to sleep with fellow co-star

Sharon Stone has finally spilled the beans over which producer had asked her sleep with a co-star in an effort to get a “better” performance.

The Basic Instinct star revealed that Robert Evans wanted her to sleep with Billy Baldwin while they filmed Sliver in 1993.


“He called me to his office. He had these very low ’70s, ’80s couches, so I’m essentially sitting on the floor, when I should have been on set,” said the veteran actress on the Louis Theroux podcast.

She continued that the producer was running around in the office and explained to her that he slept with Ava Gardner and Sharon should sleep with Billy, which will help him improve his performance in the movie, which was an issue at the point.

The actress added that Robert believed that Sharon’s, now 66, sleeping with Billy, now 61 and married to Chynna Phillips, would give the pair a ‘better on-screen chemistry’ and thus eventually “save the movie.”

“The real problem was I was such a tight arse,” said Sharon. She explained that she was much uptight and did not act like a “real actress who could just f–k him and get things back on track.”