“Sex and the City,” “And Just Like That,” now has John Corbett on board (officially!)

After first suggesting that he might appear in the first season of the HBO Max reboot, the news has now been confirmed.

Aidan returns in an instant. For Season 2 of the HBO Max revival of the series “Sex and the City,” John Corbett will once again play legendary “Sex and the City” hunk Aidan Shaw.

The announcement was made Friday night via a post from the Instagram accounts of the show and star Sarah Jessica Parker, which featured the two acting as Aidan and Carrie and strolling down a Manhattan Street. But the story of Corbett’s return to one of his most well-known performances began months before the show’s first season premiered in December 2021, when the actor allegedly confirmed his involvement with Page Six. The most recognisable furniture salesperson of the 1990s was nowhere to be found when the show ended its run, and creator Michael Patrick King later claimed he had no idea what Corbett was talking about.


During the six seasons of “SATC,” Corbett, who debuted as Aidan in Season 3, was Carrie’s second most significant love interest behind her future husband Mr. Big (Chris Noth). His plot with Carrie saw the two splits up after she had a passionate romance with Big, then they reunited for a fleeting, disastrous engagement. In Season 6 of the programme, he made his final appearance and disclosed that he had married and given birth to a child. In the critically panned 2010 movie “Sex and the City 2,” Aidan also had a significant role when he and Carrie ran into each other in Abu Dhabi and nearly fell asleep together before splitting up.

Following the peloton death of Mr. Big, Carrie is currently single in “And Just Like That.” In her Season 1 plot, she coped with her husband’s death and eventually scattered his ashes in Paris. In the Season 1 conclusion, she considered dating again, which suggests that she might see Aidan again in Season 2.

With regard to her other friends, Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is still purposefully absent from the show, Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is still happily married to Harry (Evan Handler), and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) has left her husband Steve (David Eigenberg) for Carrie’s podcast co-host Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez). Season 2 of “And Just Like That” has not yet received a release date.