Selena Gomez posts a new unfiltered selfie with messy hair on Instagram

The pop singer Selena Gomez is known for her incredible songs and stunning looks. She is the founder of Rare Beauty, a cosmetic brand, whose reach has grown in numbers in recent years. As we all know how she has stood up for mental health issues and acknowledged them, putting ahead her opinion. She always seems to surprise us with her candid moves.

Selena recently posted a selfie on Instagram with her friend Connar Franklin. They were looking as if they had just walked out of bed. In the post, Gomez was seen wearing a graphic T-shirt and holding a iPad in her hands. Connar had worn a blue T-shirt with a wolf print similar to Selena’s and black sweatpants. Both had messy hair that caused a major bedhead situation.


The singer captioned the picture by writing, “What do we do during our sleep that this is the result? I thought I never moved.. love you bestie,”



Fans enjoyed this particular selfie and her simplicity in putting out such natural photos on social media. One had commented, “I love how she’s so unbothered about posting pictures about her natural self !!!,” Another said, “Reality of how people look when they wake up,” with laughing emojis.

Selena has amazed fans with her performance on stage and in movies. She also has recently become the most followed woman on Instagram with 411 million followers. Gomez had always been down to earth and showcased her genuine self to us and that is why she is always loved by her audience.