Scoop: Netflix dramatizes the shocking interview of Prince Andrew starring Gillian Anderson

Netflix drops first trailer of the dramatized version of the most shocking interview in history of British TV, featuring Gillian Anderson as Prince Andrew.

Netflix’s dramatization of the infamous interview of Prince Andrew for Newsnight has taken its first step with the launch of its first trailer.

The trailer has been dropped a few days after a series of first-look images were dropped, featuring Gillian Anderson as the notorious Emily Maitlis, whose tough question to the Prince led to an enormous humiliation on the latter’s part, who has since settled a sexual assault case filed against him by Jeffrey Epstein-accuser Virginia Giuffre.


The footage shows Maitlis striding towards the camera as the team prepares for the interview, which turned out to be the most shocking interview in the history of British TV.

Maitlis is joined in Scoop, which released on April 5 by Rufus Sewell, who plays the prince. It also stars Billie Piper, who plays the role of the author Sam McAlister, who served as the source on what the movie is based on. Other to feature in the film are Romola Garai, Keeley Hawes, and Aoife Hinds.