Robert Downey Jr. shed tears after getting to know Iron Man’s death in Endgame

Iron man, Robert Downey Jr, gets emotional after Avengers endgame.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe movie avengers had its last movie, Avenger: endgame after which the Avengers series seems to have to come to an end. Rober Downey Jr. who was cast as the character of Iron Man for the same was reported to be crying after the making of the end movie along with the news of how the movie ends with Iron Man’s death.

Anthony and Joe Russo, the filmmakers of the masterpiece movie series Avengers, recalled Robert Downey Jr’s reaction to the making of the  Endgame movie and revealed to the media how he could not hold back his tears.


‘After working for so many years, everyone in this production becomes a family and after all these years, watching the set last time and seeing all of it get over, just makes it all the harder.’  Comments Robert Downey Jr.

The Filmmakers credited the casted character’s opinion as they figured the actors do mold the characters in their way and it was necessary to get Roberts approval on Iron Man’s death, says Anthony. He has directed and guided the personality of the character, and hence if Robert goes on board with the idea, then it was good to go.

Roberts’s reaction to the writing of his character’s death made him go all emotional but also at the same time supported the idea of the makers. He could feel the deepness of the character, after the pitch was done winding to Robert, he exclaimed “That’s f***ing awesome” and that’s was when the Russo knew and was sure to do the plot.