Paradigm Shift: The series explores the possibility of extraterrestrial presence

Paradigm Shift with Stephen Bassett has debuted on the UNIFYD TV Streaming Network.

The series, which will be present in six parts, showcases a diverse array of eyewitnesses, filmmakers, and various UFO/ET experts discussing the possibility that an extraterrestrial presence has long been visiting Earth, and the fact that this information has been kept hidden from t he American public via a 77-year long Truth Embargo.


The show is being helmed by Serena DC, and Emmy nominated documentary filmmaker, who is also credited for serving as creator and producer.

The director recently stated the plot of show delves into the mysteries surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena, government secrecy and the role that is played by Hollywood in shaping people’s perception. “Steve Bassett is a seasoned UFO researcher… From personal transformation of skeptics, to the stories from new believers, to the profound psychological impacts that paranormal encounters can produce,” said Serena.

The initial guests on Paradigm Shift includes Sean Jablonski, Mike Mazzola, Dan Harary, Earl Grey Anderson, Paul Stonehill, and Serena DC herself.