Oscar winner Jamie Foxx accused of sexual assault charges, plaintiff claims he took her to the back area of the roof…

The Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx has been accused of sexual assault charges. The incident occurred 8 years ago in 2015 in New York City. As per the legal documents obtained by TMZ, the plaintiff revealed that she saw Foxx at Catch NYC & Roof in August 2015 at around 11 pm. She had arrived with her friend and said that he was just one table away from them.

The actor was having drinks with the restaurant owner Mark Birnbaum. While other customers were told to shift away from Jamie’s surroundings, the plaintiff and her friend were not told to change their seats. At around 1 am, the complainant’s friend asked Jamie if he could click a picture with them. To that he replied, as claimed by the plaintiff, “Sure baby anything for you”


Foxx took many pictures at that time and seemed intoxicated by alcohol. Later on, he started commenting on the plaintiff’s appearance saying, “Wow, you have that supermodel body, You smell so good.” He even compared her to Bad Boys 2 actress Gabrielle Union.

The name of the complainant is known to be Jane Doe. She claims further that Foxx took her to the backside of the rooftop area, wherein he placed his hands on her waist. Then he moved his hands under her top and started touching her breasts inappropriately. She tried to get away from him and revolted but nothing happened. Doe says she even saw some security guards and others who watched what was happening but they ignored the situation.

The plaintiff also claims that Jamie put his hand inside her pants and touched her vagina and anus. But when her friend came to her and watched what was happening, that’s when Jamie backed off.

Jane says the aftermath of this incident has led her to undergo several medical treatments. She was unable to move past the emotional suffering and distress because of the sexual assault.

The case is filed under the New York Adult Survivors Act, which came into effect in 2022. Jane is also taking action against the restaurant staff and manager for their negligence. She is pursuing punitive and compensatory damages for the same.

As of now, Jamie Foxx hasn’t released any statement regarding the accusations made.