Orphan: Dule Hill and Sarayu Blue join Hulu limited series

Dule Hill and Sarayu Blue are set for key recurring roles opposite Ellen Pompeo and Mark Duplass in Orphan, the title which is currently under works, Hulu’s limited series, which will consist eight episodes and executive produced by Ellen.

The series is written by Katie Robbins and is being inspired by the true story of a Midwestern couple, Michael and Kristine Barnett, played by Mark and Ellen, who have adopted a girl with a rare form of dwarfism. And as they begin to raise her alongside her three biological children, questions starts to kick in about her background and age, and they slowly suspect that she is not who she pretends to be. As they grow to believe their new daughter is a threat, she fights her own battle to confront her past and what her future holds, in a showdown that ultimately plays out in the tabloids and the courtroom.


Dule will be playing the role of detective Brandon Drysdale, who has been assigned to the case to investigate the criminal allegations against the Barnetts. As he begins the quest of finding the truth, he becomes more and more emotionally involved in her story.

Sarayu will be playing the role of Valike, who is one of the parent at Kristine’s daycare center.