One Piece season 2: Here’s everything you need to know about its shoot schedule and showrunner

It has been over six months since Netflix renewed One Piece for season 2 and the creative team has been quietly working on the new season. The pre- production is well underway with the ship building in Cape Town, South Africa, and production stage is scheduled to begin this summer.

It has been suggest by ProductionWeekly Issue 1393 that the shooting will be held in South Africa but will also include Spain and Mexico for upcoming season. However, those locations for shooting is not yet verified.


Reportedly, it has been currently set up for at least a seven month and a bit shoot, which will take through late January 2025. That’s roughly similar to how much time was taken into shooting season 1, which filmed for six months and 22 days between January 31st, 2022, through August 22nd.

It must be noted that all filming dates are subjected to change and until now, there has been no confirmation regarding the episode count.

Matt Owens, who did not only serve as a showrunner but also as an executive producer in season one, will be continuing his role in season 2 as well, alongside Joe Tracz, who has been listed on WGA as Joseph E Tracz. The latter is just coming off the back of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and Disney+.