Olivia Dunne reveals how she really feels watching Paul Skenes play

Olivia Dunne, an accomplished gymnast and TikTok personality, has been making headlines not only for her athletic achievements but also for her relationship with professional baseball player Paul Skenes. The couple’s journey together has been a mix of excitement, nerves, and navigating the challenges of public attention.

Their story began with a seemingly serendipitous introduction through Dunne’s roommate, marking the start of their relationship. However, being in the public eye has presented its share of challenges for the couple. Skenes has expressed that the attention they receive can sometimes be overwhelming, particularly when they are out in public. He mentioned how their fame has made simple outings more complicated, often leading to requests for photos or autographs wherever they go.


Despite the challenges, Skenes credits Dunne for helping him navigate the pressures of professional sports and celebrity status. He acknowledges her experience in handling public scrutiny and the demands of being in the spotlight, which has been beneficial as he adjusts to life as a Major League Baseball player.

For Dunne, watching Skenes in action on the pitcher’s mound causes her more anxiety than her own gymnastic meets. She admitted feeling nervous when he’s on the field because she isn’t in control of the situation, unlike her own performances where she knows what to expect. However, she channels these nerves into excitement and supports Skenes wholeheartedly in his career.

One of the significant moments for the couple was Skenes’ MLB debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates, a milestone Dunne celebrated enthusiastically. She expressed her nerves initially but quickly turned that energy into unwavering confidence and excitement for Skenes’ achievement. Dunne has also emphasized the importance of keeping certain aspects of their relationship private amidst the public attention they receive, acknowledging the need to protect their personal lives.

Overall, Olivia Dunne and Paul Skenes’ relationship reflects a blend of support, understanding, and the challenges of balancing private life with public scrutiny in the world of sports and celebrity. As they continue to navigate their careers and relationship, they appear committed to supporting each other through both the highs and challenges they encounter along the way.