North West hangs up on Kim Kardashian calling her cringe

Kim Kardashian faced some humorous challenges with her children, North and Saint West, in a recent episode of The Kardashians, highlighting the generational gap in understanding and using teen slang.

In the episode, Kim attempted to connect with her children by using trendy slang terms she picked up from TikTok, such as “gyatt,” only to be met with a swift rebuke. North, 11, expressed her embarrassment and annoyance, labeling her mom’s attempts as “cringey.” This sentiment was echoed by Saint, who sided with his sister on the matter.


Kim humorously recounted the incident, admitting that trying to keep up with youth slang can make her feel old. She explained that “gyatt” actually means “a big butt,” a misunderstanding that further amused her children. Despite the teasing and hang-ups from her kids during phone calls, Kim took it in stride, laughing off the situation and reflecting on the challenges of parenting in the spotlight.

During a GQ cover shoot, Kim candidly acknowledged her shift from being celebrated in public to being the “embarrassing mom” at home. This shift in perception from celebrity to parent navigating everyday challenges resonated with many viewers, highlighting the relatable aspect of balancing fame with family life.

The episode captured more light-hearted moments as Kim engaged in negotiations with Saint over sugary treats, only to have him abruptly end the call before she could finish speaking. Her interactions with her children, though filled with humor and occasional exasperation, underscored the genuine moments of parental love and the challenges of managing a busy family life.

Through it all, Kim Kardashian’s candid portrayal of her parenting struggles resonated with viewers, blending moments of humor with the realities of raising children in the public eye. Her willingness to laugh at herself and share these experiences made for an entertaining and relatable episode of The Kardashians.