Netflix’s Power Rangers Series Has Been Reportedly Cancelled

Netflix’s decision to pull the plug on the upcoming Power Rangers series comes as a surprise to many fans eagerly anticipating a fresh take on the beloved franchise. Despite the involvement of industry heavyweights like Daisy Jones & The Six producer Jenny Klein and co-creator Jonathan Entwistle, the streaming giant has opted to abandon the project, leaving Hasbro Entertainment, the franchise’s owner, scrambling to find a new creative partner to breathe life into the live-action show.

With over three decades of Power Rangers history under its belt, the franchise has seen its fair share of highs and lows, making the prospect of a reboot a daunting task. From the early days of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to the latest iteration, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, each season has brought its own unique charm and appeal to audiences worldwide. The cancellation of the Netflix series throws a wrench into Hasbro’s plans for a smooth transition into a new era of Power Rangers storytelling.


The uncertainty surrounding the involvement of Jenny Klein and Jonathan Entwistle adds another layer of complexity to the situation. While Entwistle’s commitments to other projects, including an upcoming Karate Kid sequel, may impact his availability, Klein’s two-year deal with eOne raises questions about her continued participation in the Power Rangers project.

Despite the setback, Hasbro and eOne remain determined to keep the Power Rangers legacy alive. Plans for a reboot season in 2025 and a fourth movie involving Entwistle are still on the table, albeit with a slight delay. Securing a new development partner and assembling the perfect team to helm the reboot will undoubtedly take time, but Hasbro is committed to delivering a fresh and exciting take on the iconic franchise.

As fans anxiously await news of the Power Rangers’ return, the cancellation of the Netflix series serves as a reminder of the challenges inherent in reviving a beloved classic for a new generation. With patience and perseverance, Hasbro and eOne aim to reignite the Power Rangers’ spark and captivate audiences once again with thrilling adventures and unforgettable characters.