Molly Shannon to headline and executive produce untitled comedy series at HBO with Steve Koren

Molly Shannon and Steve Koren will be working together once again 30 years after appearing on Saturday Night Live for a comedy series, which is in development at HBO. While Molly will star in the project, which is written by Steve, and they both will be acting as executive producer.

The series will be chronicling around a woman, played by Molly, who is deeply addicted to celebrity news and gossip. After her friends and family finally confront her, she agrees to get help. Where? The same place where the stars get help – a fancy celebrity rehab in Malibu. Instead of facing her demons, she behaves as if she is at Four Seasons. She meets her favourite young starlet and is forced into dilemma of whether to join her in Hollywood or return to her family.


Alongside Molly and Steve, the former’s longtime manager, Steven Levy, will also be credited as executive producer.

Molly and Steve first met in 1995 when they were both on SNL and worked together on various sketches, including Superstar, which was a spun off into a movie starring Molly and written by Steve.

In addition to collaborating with Steve, the three time Emmy nominee actress has also worked with Adam Sandler and Will Ferrel on SNL.