Miley Cyrus discusses her relationship with her godmother, Dolly Parton

It seems like the text provided is a mixture of different topics and information, some of which might not directly relate to Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton’s recent appearances. Here’s a refined version based on the context:

During a recent episode of “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman,” Miley Cyrus took the stage to perform and express her deep admiration for her godmother, Dolly Parton. At 78 years old, Parton continues to be a significant influence on Cyrus, who values Parton’s ability to convey profound messages through her music.


For Cyrus, Parton’s appeal lies not only in her musical talents but also in her willingness to engage in difficult conversations. This trait highlights Parton’s personal strength and underscores her profound impact on Cyrus’s life and career.

Cyrus recalled a pivotal conversation with Parton regarding her decision to perform at the 2024 Grammy Awards. Unsure about whether to go through with it, Cyrus sought advice from her godmother. Parton’s response was unequivocal: “Of course, you’re going to do the Grammys,” she said. “You’re not just going to show up, but you’re going to show off. Be everything that you are right here in front of me.”

Reflecting on Parton’s advice, Cyrus emphasized that it wasn’t about imitating Parton’s persona or style but about embracing her authentic self. “She wasn’t telling me to be fabulous or hide behind the sparkles and the hair,” Cyrus explained. “She was telling me to be me.”

Parton’s supportive guidance has clearly had a profound impact on Cyrus, shaping her approach to both life and her career in the spotlight.

This episode of “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” is currently available for streaming on Netflix, offering viewers a deeper insight into the bond between Cyrus and her legendary godmother, Dolly Parton.