Meet Reba McEntire’s Stunning Daughter-In-Law Marissa Blackstock

Marissa Blackstock, who married Shelby Blackstock (son of country music icon Reba McEntire), has shared a deeply personal journey alongside her fairytale wedding at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Their choice of venue was deeply sentimental, as Marissa’s mother had worked at the park and it held special memories of times spent with both her mother and grandmother. After her grandmother’s passing, Marissa found solace in revisiting the park with Shelby, eventually leading to their engagement at Epcot, solidifying its significance in their relationship.

Despite their romantic beginnings and ongoing happiness, Marissa has been candid on social media about the challenges they’ve faced in starting a family. In November 2023, she opened up about their fertility struggles, revealing that their initial attempts at conceiving naturally and through fertility treatments had not been successful. Marissa bravely broke the silence surrounding infertility, acknowledging the emotional toll and commonality of such journeys, urging greater openness and support for others experiencing similar challenges.


Months later, Marissa shared another heartfelt update, expressing her ongoing disappointment and the emotional rollercoaster of hope and heartbreak that comes with infertility. Through her posts, she aimed to connect with others facing similar struggles, emphasizing solidarity and understanding.

Despite these difficulties, Marissa has emphasized the profound importance of family in her life. She treasures her relationships with both her and Shelby’s families, often celebrating their bond publicly. Their wedding photos at the “It’s a Small World” ride, a tribute to her late grandmother’s favorite attraction, reflect this deep familial connection. Marissa’s warm relationship with Reba McEntire, whom she affectionately refers to as “Ma,” further underscores the supportive family dynamic she values.

While their journey to parenthood has been fraught with challenges, Marissa and Shelby remain surrounded by love and support from their families and admirers. Their story serves as a testament to resilience and the power of openness in navigating life’s trials, all while cherishing the enduring fairytale love they share.