Maya Rudolph shares update over possibility of making sequel to Bridesmaid

Maya Rudolph understands why fans are petitioning so hard to get a Bridesmaids sequel. She is currently promoting the second season of her Apple TV+ show Loot.

In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, ahead of the premiere of season 2, the Saturday Night Live alum addressed recent comments made by her co-star and friend Kristen Wiig, about the potential follow up to the 2011 comedy.


“It’s never been a conversation,” said the 50 year old actress to The Hollywood Reporter. She explained that the story had an end and she loves it for 10 million reasons, and feels that “it is OK to just have it exist in the world as it is.”

In response, Maya, who plays the role of Lilian, the bride-to-be in the Paul Feig directorial, said that she respects the decision by Wiig and does not have a say in the making of sequel to Bridesmaids.