Love Island: Will Grace End Things With Joey?

Love Island fans are abuzz with speculation about the drama brewing between Grace and Joey. Ever since Grace sashayed into the villa as the ultimate bombshell, their rollercoaster romance has had viewers hooked. But hold onto your sun hats, folks, because after a jaw-dropping recoupling, the villa’s latest split has tongues wagging.

Yes, you read that right—Joey and Grace are no longer coupled up. This unexpected twist has everyone wondering if Grace has a sneaky plan up her sleeve to ditch Joey. Curious about the juicy details? Let’s dive into the drama and uncover why fans are questioning the future of this love story.


Grace and Konnor’s Pre-Recoupling Powwow

Grace’s re-entry into the Love Island villa wasn’t exactly a fairy tale. She and Joey had a brief fling last summer, but it ended in disaster. Now, back together, their reunion has been anything but smooth. Recently, Grace has been cozying up to other Islanders, particularly Konnor. Right before the recoupling, Grace pulled Konnor aside for a heart-to-heart.

She slyly asked if he had eyes for anyone, even if they were already coupled up. When Konnor confessed his attraction to her, Grace dropped a hint: “Remember, no one here is off-limits and you’ve got to look out for yourself. Just saying, you’re the nicest guy here.”

Fans React to Grace’s Scheming

This candid chat between Grace and Konnor has set off alarm bells among fans, who now believe Grace was plotting her escape from Joey all along. Social media lit up with reactions. One fan on X (formerly Twitter) quipped, “Grace is really trying to RUN from Joey since she was at the bottom of the public vote.”

Another chimed in, “Grace is trying to ditch Joey after yesterday’s vote.” A third added, “Grace has a game plan—she didn’t expect to be in the bottom three, so now she’s trying to graft other people. Suspicious much?” Many fans are scratching their heads, wondering why Grace doesn’t just break up with Joey instead of playing these games.

The drama escalated when Samantha Kenny was booted off the show after a recoupling. Samantha was furious at Joey for dropping her like a hot potato when Grace arrived. And in Sunday night’s episode, Grace and Joey found themselves in the bottom three of the public vote. This brush with unpopularity might have made Grace rethink her connection with Joey.

Joey Essex, famous for his stint on The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE), has been watching these developments closely. While he’s yet to react to Grace’s shifting behavior, it’s clear their relationship dynamic is on shaky ground. Fans are on the edge of their seats, waiting for Joey’s response to Grace’s antics.

So, what do you think about Grace and Joey’s future? Will Grace call it quits with Joey and pursue a new flame with Konnor? Or is this all part of a grander strategy to stay in the villa as long as possible? Share your thoughts in the comments.