Love Is Blind season 6: Jimmy Presnell reacts to claims of having a secret girlfriend

Jimmy Presnell got engaged to a Chelsea Blackwell on Netflix’s Love Is Blind season 6.

Jimmy is shutting down the rumor factory as he took to his TikTok handle this week after a video went viral, wherein a woman named Ryann Stringfellow claimed to be dating a man who appeared on the Netflix show.


In the video, Ryann did not any individual but stressed it heavily that it was Jimmy, saying he dated a single mom, who was contestant Jessica Vestal.

Jimmy stitched the clip on TikTok, immediately denying the claims.

The star labelled the whole gig as a “marketing ploy.” He mentioned that the girl is “getting so many click and… [is] making so much money off [his] name, it’s insane.”

The video has already amassed more than 17 million views, and Ryann has called the unnamed man as the love of her life. She also hopes to work things out with him despite discovering he went on the show after watching it on Netflix.