Love Is Blind season 6: From Sarah and Laura’s friendship to Who broke up? and Who reignited their romance? Every question answered

Love Is Blind season 6 took the drama to whole different level and left the viewers with endless questions about what went down when the cameras stopped rolling.

While Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortes got their happily ever after, Clay Gravesande ended things with Amber Desiree ‘AD’ Smith at the altar. Other couples such as, Brittany Mills and Kenneth Gorham, and Chelsea Blackwell and Jimmy Presnell did not even make it to the altar. Meanwhile, Jeramey Lutinski ended the season by going into the sunset on jet ski with Sarah Ann, instead of his fiancee, Laura Dadisman.


After such a tumultuous season, the viewers are eager to know where the couple stand currently – and the reunion is spilling all the tea.

Are Jimmy and Chelsea back together?

Post being entangled in a ‘love square’ with Jess Vestal and Trevor Sove in the pods, Jimmy and Chelsea ended the season apart, which was also caused due to a major trust breach. However, the recent social media posts sparked speculations that the former couple has reconciled.

Are Jeramey and Sarah together now?

After being torn between Sarah and Laura in the pods, Jeramey ultimately proposed to Laura. However, things changed when Sarah sent him an Instagram DM about potentially connecting in the real world. The duo met and talked till 5 in the morning, which led to Laura and Jeramey ending their relationship.

During the reunion, Jeramey revealed that he sparked romance with Sarah since season 6 and are now also living together in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Did Trevor really have a girlfriend in the pods?

While Trevor started the season 6 as the guy Chelsea should have chosen, as per fans, his alleged ex-girlfriend Natalia Marrero claimed that he participated into the show while still being in a relationship. In alleged text messages shared by Instagram account @therealityashley in February, Trevor allegedly assured Natalia that he has no plans of getting married while being on the show, and everything that he says is a facade for TV.

The texts were shared by the hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey at the reunion, before allowing Trevor to explain himself. Trevor, for his part, said he never asked Natalia to be his girlfriend before coming onto the show, but they did have a connection.

Did Clay and AD reignite their romance?

The couple faced a lot of ups and downs but always managed to work their way out of it. Clay, for his part, was stressed that he would not be able to remain faithful in the marriage. However, they still made it to the altar, where AD said, “I do,” but Clay backed off. At the end of the season, Clay expressed that he still wants to work things out with her, but AD seemed to be done with him.

Upon being asked if they will reignite their romance, Clay responded with “1000 percent”, while AD clearly wasn’t interested. “Next question,” she said.

Did Brittany and Kenneth reconcile?

Just a few days after moving in together, Brittany and Kenneth were the first couple to split in season 6. The tensions began when Kenneth started spending a lot of his time on phone, leading to communication breakdown between them.

However, the twosome took fans by surprise when they posed a TikTok video in March with words “don’t tell anyone” written across the screen.

Are Johnny and Amy still together?

The couple got married during the season and has emerged as the most stable couple of season 6. The fans need not worry but they are still together and are very enjoying their newlywed bliss.