Love Is Blind season 6: AD addresses the fans urging her get back together with Clay

Clay Gravesande’s red flag were pretty visible since the start of the season, majorly due to his hesitation with getting married. Amber Desiree ‘AD’ Smith was initially turned off by him as she felt like he needed to know what he looked like to propose. It seemed that she was weighing her options with Matthew Duliba until he was outed for saying the same thing with two women. However, she continued to date him in the pods and made it to the altar.

Things went south as Clay backed off at the altar and did not reply to AD’s “I do.”


While majority of the fans were critical for Clay, some hoped that he is saying truth to AD about being a better man for her. The reunion showed Clay saying AD is the love of his life and saying no at the altar was a mistake. She addresses the fans who are now urging her to take him back.

“I read the comments like week one,” she told Kamie Crawford. The fans of Love Is Blind do not hold back when it comes to giving their opinion to the participants.

AD explained that, though she loves her fans, but they are a bit too “finicky,” which is why she cannot take every thing they said to heart. “One minute it’s ‘stand on business, sis’ and next it’s ‘Sis, we’re sorry. Take him back.”